Perhaps youve seen these category labels in online sex shops before: gay sex toys, lesbian sex toys, sex toys for women, sex toys for men. Some retailers take this approach because they assume it makes it easier for the consumer to find a toy that suits them.At She Bop we disagree, which is why we were impressed by this lovely article by?

Cory Silverberg, Identity Based Sex Toy Shopping. This article deftly explains why categorizing sex toys based on gender identity or sexual orientation is problematic. These categories are centered around assumptions and stereotypes. They are limiting at best  and offensive at worst.Categories such as gay sex toys and lesbian sex toys are not only useless  theyre insulting. Often these categories exist to set queer people apart from other shoppers, implying that only a handful of toys are available to them, whereas the entire catalog is open to straight/non-queer shoppers.

And, as Silverberg puts it,Knowing someone is gay tells you something about who they may be having sex with (if they are even having partnered sex at the time), but it tells you not.neity and perfection at the same time, but it all has to be set up for what you really expect: the unexpected.”The Sh! Girlz love the frank, vivid style of Alexandras work, which presents the beauty and threat of strong, self-determined and sexually liberated women.“Showing .

Of the cold glass is something else. Although I certainly didn't find it easy to fit, once I had the feeling was total bliss. It wasn't long before I was well on my way to happy town."4. Hatchoooo's review of Oyster Max Remote Control Vibrator"Whether you use the Oyster when you’re out shopping for the day, at a restaurant, at Cheltenham racecourse, or perhaps throughout a very smart but dull drinks party (the last two are highly recommended) it does gradually drive you both wild."5.

All-nighter's review of Bondage Boutique Almosta 4Posta Under The Bed Restraint Gear"All it needs is the Almosta 4Posta and trust in your partner and a world of exploration is yours! There are few things sexier than the sight and sound of your partner squirming, squealing and groaning with pleasure and delight!

When Jennifer Pritchett opened The Smitten Kitten, her goal was to run a sex-positive, feminist adult retail store. But that mission expanded when she discovered the issue of toxic sex toys.

She had never heard the word phthalates before, but three days before the stores grand opening in August of 2003, while opening a shipment of inventory, she saw the chemicals in action.You know those styrofoam packing peanuts? They were moist. And the moisture had oozed through the peanuts and into the cardboard box, so it looked like, you know when you put chocolate chip cookies on a grocery bag and they leave grease marks? Thats what the box looked like . . .

They were leaking, oozing, this . . . oily substance . . . And it reeked. It smelled so bad. Ive told people before, it smells like a headache.Not knowing what on earth was going on, Pritchett and her staff washed the toys and set them on towels. But it didnt help  more beads of sweat appeared on the toys. Pritchett called their distributor, who explained that it happens.

Vibe with buzzy rabbit ears, and a silicone shaft for G-spot pleasure.  Cute and curvy, the Bossy vibe is Ticklers new take on the classic rabbit vibrator design.Curvy Rocket TicklerA beautiful, beaded G-spot vibe with a curvy, broad body, ideal for ladiez who love G-spot playWith party.ws you and your partner to release inhibitions and enjoy the sensations you're giving each other. This wired blindfold can be adjusted to fit, creating a total blackout."Plenty of opportunities to tease and explore ... the person blindfolded has no idea what treats await them and the sense of anticipation is incredible!"- stockportx, my blog customer.See more Blindfolds8.

My blog Booty Buddy Silicone Butt Plug9.99Ideal for both men and women, a butt plug can help you begin or continue your journey towards anal satisfaction. Wear out and about to warm up and enjoy sensations during lovemaking or oral sex as the gentle pressure intensifies your orgasms."Off he went to work. An hour later he rang saying he loved it. I think it’s going to be his favourite butt plug."- linda2008, my blog customer.See more Beginners Anal Toys9. Monogamy: A Hot Affair Game24.99Filled with dares, treats and fantasies, playing board games with your lover is a naughty activity which seems so innocent! Grab yourselves a glass of wine, dim the lights and get ready to giggle, blush and tremble together."Each time we get to try new things and it's great to build up intimacy, as the games starts nice and slowly, building to more steamy challenges.

jonoer, my blog customer.See more Sexy Games10. Lelo Tor II Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring78.99If you’re looking for a luxury love ring, this is the one. It’s rechargeable, made from super soft silicone and has powerful speeds as well as patterns. Giving him a harder erection, this ring delivers vibrations to both partners for twice the fun."It also works wonders playing with it solo. Put it on the head of the penis for a hands free experience or use as a clitoral vibrator during foreplay."- Mr. M, my blog customer.See more Vibrating Cock RingsNeed more help?You can Contact Customer Care, who willbe able to help you find the perfect gift for you both to enjoy. You can send an email any time, and telephone or live chat to an experienced advisor from 8am-10pm Monday-Friday and 8am-4pm Saturday.The other great place to look for people's advice on toys for couples is on the my blog Forum, where our community is on hand 24/7 to give their opinions and tips.Contact my blog Customer Care | VisitThe my blog ForumYou may also like:Top 10 Gifts & Games for Better ForeplayHow to Introduce Sex Toys to Your RelationshipTop 10 Sex Positions to Try at Christmas.

Weve been hit with a few scorching days here in PDX recently, which got us thinking about ways to beat the heat. Sometimes hot days can feel sex toys online unbearable and not at all conducive to sexy times. But with a little creativity, sex and masturbation dont have to be uncomfortable at all  in fact, they can be super fun.Here are some tips for making the best of a hot day!Do you own a glass or metal sex toy. These materials are perfect for hot weather! Prepare a bowl of cold water and let your toy soak in it for several minutes before use. Set the water bowl on your nightstand so you can give your toy some quick refresher dips amidst play. You can even refrigerate your toys, but always check the temperature of the toy on your arm before using it with lover.While youre in the kitchen, why not refrigerate your lube. This is a good solution if you want to use a toy that doesnt retain temperature as easily as glass or metal ones.Prep your play arm.

Adjustable D-rings so you can always get a perfect, comfortable fit.  With two leather leg straps, rather than a pantie style design, the Double Strap Harness allows access to the wearers sexy bits, which is always a plus!  The Double Strap Anal Toys has always been a popular choice for our the music is for.If you want to see more fun and creative pictures of sex toys, visit this week's Toy with me Tuesday round up onNess's blog.

Last fall, Girl Scouts of Colorado issued a statement formally accepting transgender youth into their troops. If a child identifies as a girl and the childs family presents her as a girl, the statement read, Girl Scouts of Colorado welcomes her as a Girl Scout.Now that Girl Scout cookie season is on the horizon, a 14-year-old former Girl Scout named Taylor has issued a response in the form of a transphobic call to boycott Girl Scout cookies. Her video, which went viral last week, consists of transphobic language that does not bear repeating. Taylors fundamental misunderstanding and misconstruing of trans issues has rightfully offended a great many people, including us.A national Girl Scouts spokeswoman responded to the controversy in an email to The Washington Post, writing that the organization prided itself on being an.

The All-In-One Jessica is one of the classic rabbit vibrators  with the famous bunny ears for focussed clit stimulation and pearls in the shaft for internal stimulation and buy sex toys online , the All-In-One Jessica has a little bit of everything!  The battery pack is incorporated at the base of the toy  hence the name  .

It's not the bumped, ribbed and ridged canal that Fleshlights tout, it's a very subtle texture that feels quite realistic."4. ladyspock's review of Beginners Basic Lady Lustfinger Vibrators,If you're like me and have been waiting to try a toy out for ages lelo gigi, I heartily recommend this one. It's a nice size and a great toy, and even if it turns out not to be what you're looking for, you've only lost 2.99. Go on; treat yourself.

longrun's review of Mio by Je Joue Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring"The other side of the equation was to increase stimulation to my beloved, and this is where the Mio has been fantastic and now it has become possible to bring her to orgasm with a huge amount of control depending where I put pressure: more pelvic bone equals greater clit stimulation and her response is graphic.

It was 1984 when On Our Backs, the first ever women-run erotica magazine  and geared toward a lesbian audience, to boot  debuted. The magazine was groundbreaking in many ways, and it played a major role in the development of sex-positive feminism.

What does this have to do with Steve Jobs? Well, as Susie Bright recounts on her blog, the magazine was originally composed via typesetting. Then one day, publisher Debi Sundahl hauled a big box into the living room and, in one fell swoop, thrust On Our Backs into the digital world. Sundahl was convinced that the computer was about to change everything about publishing  and she was right.Within a year, our entertainment for the adventurou.

Meeting lovely ladiez who remembered us from last year and told us the Sh! vibrators they bought then are still going strongAt the end of the day - still bubbly and cheerful!- Selling a few very sweet couples their very first strap on harness and dildo- Watching peoples eyes widen and/or light up when they saw the magnificent Mistress Twista on the dildo table.

Introducing the new LeloSenseMotion™Insignia range. These three innovative sex toys use the highest quality materials and newest technology to bring your sex life into the 21st century. Forget clunky plastic, jelly rubber and wired controls and say LELO to the future of sex with this trio of luxury sex toys.

Lyla, Tiani and Oden have been designed for sharing, with long-range movement-sensitive remote controls. Using SenseMotion™technology, the remotes that control the vibrators are activated by movement, allowing you to increase or decrease the speed of vibration with just a tilt of the wrist. Holding the remote flat activates the lowest setting while tilting it vertically sends the toy into a high-powered frenzy.The remote control vibrates in time with the toy, a clever twist that ensures you give your partner the right stimulation at the right time. Even if you’re in a different room to your partner, you’ll be able to feel everything they’re experiencing in the palm of your hand, allo.

January's Model of the Month, and the 100 shopping spree, isLuciousLips. The clever use of the mirror and the fact she was working those angles really showed her boots off to the max! We also loved how she remained anonymous without resorting to a black rectangle over her face. Congratulations!If you fancy a chance to win a 100 shopping spree on my blog, just upload a picture of y.

that our hair and fingernails are made of.  If keratin had an effect on arousal, men who bite their nails would be in demand!Instead of using over-the-counter or bought-online aphrodisiacs, wed recommend speaking to a GP and seeking medically recommended treatments for erectile dysfunction or lack of arousal. 

For ways to get in the mood without using aphrodisiacs, wed suggest:- Have a bath with a nice bath caviare  its very relaxing, and taking time out to pamper is a great way to get in the mood- Give your partner a massage with some luscious massage oil  its relaxing, sensual, and a really good way to connect with your lover and focus on them after a busy day- Play a sexy game  it gets you in the mood, and it also gets you talking about sex in a playful way.Couple's Toys from Sh!Its also good to experiment with new toys  they can really spice up your sex life!  Trying out a finger vibrator, a tongue vibe, or a couples vibe are all hot ways to introduce a new aspect into your sex life.  

It short, wed say that taking time out to enjoy each others company, planning the occasional treat, and above all talking to each other, are much more effective at creating a sexy vibe between you than the use of aphrodisiacs.Really hope all this helps  please feel free to give us a shout if you have any more questions.Love,the Sh! Girlz..
A recent online article caught our attention at my blog. It suggested that orgasms, and the importance of having an orgasm, was becoming less important during sex. Initially it seems like a bold statement to make – what’s the point of having sex if you’re not seeking the ultimate release of climax?

Mini Rabbit VibratorsA mini rabbit vibrator like the my blog Magic Mini Rabbit Vibrator (12.99)is a great solution for travel and a cheap way to experiment with rabbit vibrators if you're not sure about dual stimulation.A small rabbit vibrator will usually feature one powerful motor that travels up the shaft and the ears and are often controlled by a twist-base controller. You won't get the same sensations as a classic rabbit vibrator, but a mini vibrator is small but mighty and will still give you simultaneous internal and external stimulation.If you're just looking for a more manageable slim rabbit vibrator, the my blog Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Slimline Vibrator (26.99)is probably still your best bet.Cheap Rabbit VibratorsNeed a cheap rabbit vibrator but not willing to compromise on functions? We've got a selection of rabbits under 20 that have separate controls for the shaft and the bunny ears.One of the most popular cheap rabbit vibrators is the Toy Joy Textured Dual Motor Rabbit VIbrator (19.99). With a bobbly texture, two motors (one in the shaft and one for the ears) you get maximum spend for minimum cost.A lot of people go for a cheap rabbit vibrator to try out the sensations before deciding on a more advanced model.Luxury Rabbit VibratorsIf you want a top-of-the-range rabbit vibrator, you reall.

After some thought though, it became obvious that (for some people at least), not having an orgasm wasn’t that important. The blog post by American health and sex expert Dr Emily Nagoski said that although we don’t seem to want as many orgasms, we want a lot more sex instead. Sexual happiness can come in a lot of different forms that don’t involve reaching a mind-blowing climax.

Instead of being orgasm-focused, both men and women are more inclined to seek different types of pleasure from sex: closeness,.

Especially in for Valentines Day, this little egg is filled with textured hearts for sensual stimulation.The blog has been busy too ~ with lots of fun toy ideas for Valentines, as well as some more serious LGBT History Month articles. We’ve given info on how to keep your peach fresh, and of course four very Filthy Fridays from Remittance Girl, Lucy Felthouse, Rebecca Chance and Kristina Lloyd! Leni King, erotica author and poet has inspired us to write our own erotic poetry, and Jillian Boyd has shared some great tips and tricks for writing erotica too.If you haven’t had a chance to stop by, we hope to see you soon in March! (We’ve got a swanky new coffee and tea machine too, but don’t take our word for it.. come and see for yourself ;)xx.

Tooth shaft Contoured 'realistic' tip G-spot angled tip  Price 49.99 49.99 49.99   Overall length 9.5 inches 9.5 inches 9.5 inches   Insertable 5.5 inches 5.25 inches 5.25 inches   Circumference 4.75 inches 4.85 inches 5.25 inches   Ear speeds 3 3 3   Shaft speeds 5 5 5   Shaft function Multiple function Multiple function Multiple function   Waterproof Splashproof Splashproof Splashproof   Batteries None needed! Mains rechargeable None needed! Mains rechargeable None needed! Mains rechargeable  Large Rabbit VibratorsLooking for something a bit bigger and more fulfilling?

400 to 175! This is really exciting news, and means the UK is one step closer to equal marriage for all it citizens.G3 Magazine is back on the shelves! No longer free, but a bargain at only £2.95, the brand new magazine is packed full of interviews, articles and hot ladiezzz.The bestselling vibrator this month has been the Ribbed Discretion. A sexy, stylish vibe with a powerful buzz. The velvety smooth plastic is silky to touch, with a sensual ribbed design for extra pleasure…As for Boys Toys, this month’s bestseller has been the cute Tenga Limited Edition Love Egg.

We have a selection of big rabbit vibrators that have extra length and girth for those who want it.The my blog Mr Big Rabbit Vibrator (28.99)is a long rabbit vibrator. With a similar girth to a classic rabbit vibrator, it has a longer length as well as a more realistically sculpted head so your dreams of bedding Mr Big can come true.If it's a larger, realistic rabbit vibrator you want then the Ultra 7 Waterproof Extra Girth Pleasure Rabbit (42.99) will fit the bill. The shaft's beads rotate in different directions for a unique feel and the rabbit ears have 7 functions for further variety to your play.

Have you ever noticed how you can buy every kind of body part for sexual purposes? Over the years we’ve sold everything from feet and fists to heads and boobs.Now if only there was some way to sew these parts together and bring to life a living, breathing sex doll to service all of your wants, needs and desires.

If sci-fi can be believed then all it takes to animate body parts is a good shock of electricity on a dark and stormy night.Unfortunately my experiments haven’t yielded any fruitful results, possibly because the limbs I’ve used are made from realistic flesh and never belonged to real people but more probably because the Kinklab Neon.quickly satisfy your sexual urge, just bang a Fleshlight.

If you want a long, luxurious masturbation session, there can't be any better toy than this. Amazing, 10/10."Read the full review by virtualman.Fun Factory Duke Vibrating Prostate Massager"So after testing this toy for about a week, I feel happy to say that this is an amazing toy. If you have had trouble with the Rude Boy type toys and wanted to get it to work but just can't, then this is the toy for you...

Yes it's different but it works really well. The silicone means that it slides in without much lube. The first bulb slips in easily and the larger shaft of the toy takes a bit more.All in all this is the best ever prostate toy I have ever used."Read the full review by doug.Top Male MasturbatorsPink Lady Fleshlight"I have had this vagina Fleshlight for a couple of weeks now, and I really can't leave it alone, it feels just like a real pussy...

With a couple of pumps of lube into the opening, it's ready for action. My last encounter was mind-blowing, it felt just like having sex for real. I w. or young of whatever sexual persuasion, background or culture.

They do welcome men, but only if escorted by a woman.  Sh! were the first to launch the ‘Jessica Rabbit’ well before it debuted in ‘Sex and The City’, and the founder, Kathryn Hoyle has been a regular spokesperson promoting the ethos behind the store and the brand and has even been to 10 Downing Street to attend an Aids Awareness Event.  Sh! set up its very own research and development department and works with many NHS trusts offering advice and help on women’s health care, particularly at post-surgery dilation stage.  Sh! host plenty of different nights and events at their London store ranging from workshops, art and photography exhibitions, literary readings and much more. 

To find out more about the events on offer at this amazing emporium visit the website  To speak with the Shop Manager regarding promotions, events, to interview Kathryn Hoyle or to simply find out more about the ‘Gents nights’ or other products please contact: renee@sh-womenstore.com or phone 0207 613 54 58 Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium: Stores: 57 Hoxton Square, London,  N1 6HDUnit 4, 253 Portobello Road, W11 1LR (corner Lancaster Road).
Ouch! That’s got to be really hard for both of you to deal with. You want things back the way they were and he wants to eat your brains, that’s going to cause a lot of friction between the two of you.Where there’s a will there is a way and it may be possible to salvage your relationship if you’re willing to adapt to his new needs and desires. Dealing with his constant advances toward you.

Maybe once, when the height of sex-toy sophistication was a blow up doll or some scratchy knickers, but you just have to look at the gorgeous toys Lelo and Je Joue are making these days to see how much the industry has moved on.  Theres nothing sleazy about the toys we sell  and weve contributed to the move towards quality womens toys, and couples toys too.  Sh! has always been proud to stock (and make!) the most sensuous, elegant and female-friendly goodies you can find!.

elated questions in our 30 Second Sexy Pants Survey and youcould win some seriously sexy prizes from .

e Rude Boy, or if you fancy sharing the experience with a partner, there’s Strap On Kits and strapless strap ons to try out too! (And don’t forget the Lube!  Essential gear for boys with toys, as well as very sexy and slippery for a hot hand-job)!Lelo InaMYTH 3.  Masturbation means you don’t want sexNot true  most people will continue to masturbate if theyre in a relationship, even if the sex is great!   

The two complement each other, and masturbation can improve your sex life  you get to find out what you like in your own time, you get to focus on yourself, and that makes it much easier when it comes to asking for what you want with a partner!MYTH 4.  Sex toys are sleazyNot any more! 

A curious spike in the sales of sex swings left staff here at my blog HQ scratching their heads. What could possibly be the cause of a run on sex swings? Are they kinky Valentine's gifts? Or a novel way to keep warm in the cold snap that's got the country all-of-a shiver?After a little research, our answer came in the shape of Channel 4's Desperate Hou.

rotic landscape. Come with an open mind to learn how to bring more erotic pleasure into your life.Amy Cooper, PhD, is the author of ‘The Everything Orgasm Book:? The All-You-Need Guide To The Most Satisfying Sex You’ll Ever Have.’? Dr. Cooper earned her doctorate in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Ad.

d description of how to do each position  and a handy hint!  we like these cards because they give lots of positions which are fun for ladiez, unlike many positon books weve seen, which seem to be asking us to knot our legs behind our heads!  They also have lots of possibilities  you can pick a card at random, or shuffle through them as a couple, or each pick your favourite and have a hot conversation about why you like it!.  Wed also like to point out that, while its designed with heterosexual couples in mind, two ladiez with a strap-on dildo, harness and a sense of adventure can also have a lot of fun with these cards!  Thats all for tonight ladiez, but watch this space for more new and snazzy products coming soon!