February 14th can feel a little exclusionary if you’re not paired off, even for the most adept pick up artists and players. Tracey Cox, sex and relationships expert, has even gone so far as rebranding Valentine's Day as "National Singles Awareness Day" to help redress the balance.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just irritating for singles, it also has the power to dredge up memories of the times you celebrated with an ex love and those happy times you shared. You can avoid crying over that t-shirt he left behind or hugging that teddy bear she bought you, even though you think its possibly the tackiest thing you ever laid eyes on. You can navigate through the neurotic mess that Val Day may create if you follow these quick and easy steps:1. Use your memories for good instead of evil. Instead of missing the times you shared with an ex, think about what you want fr.

nities to create social change.In 1975, Bradley Angle became the first domestic violence shelter on the West Coast (and only the 4th in the United States). Over the years, their services have expanded to include a 24-hour crisis line, transitional housing, support groups, community-based advocacy, and three pro.

inative work  just goes to show what a fresh eye can bring to an old medium. Rosetta may draw inspiration from the past but she is very much a woman of her own time, creating images that are both contemporary yet timeless, erotic yet innocent, manipulating light in celebration of the female form.” Jonathan Ross, hologram archivist, and owner of ‘Gallery 286’.The Sh! Girlz are really excited about hosting Rosetta Whiteheads work.  Were holding the launch on the first of June, but we get to hang on to the pics for a month, so you can pop in any time in June to see them!  Gents, please bring a lady-friend along when you visit.  Were open 12 noon til 8pm seven days a week  were looking forward to seeing you!  Share|.

Apparently men who climax twice a week are half as likely to die prematurely as men who only climax once a month.I am a 31 year old woman. My husband is 50 and we have been married for 8 months. We have sex regularly and we enjoy it. Is having a lot of sex potentially harmful to my husband because of his age?Absolutely not - on the contrary, it’s great for him!

 It's been suggested that as frequent male orgasm drains the body of seminal fluid, it can help a man avoid both congestive prostatis (inflammation of the prostate gland) and prostate cancer.An orgasm is sa.</p><p>onus, we’ll show you how to make your own simple, cheap and safer-sex friendly harness out of an unexpected kitchen staple! Bring your questions, share your experiences, and enjoy a lively demonstration.Annamarie is a passionate sex educator with a knowledge fetish. Sexuality has been a life-long interest, with a focus.

Are having a serious conversation with a customer, and some guy keeps calling, masturbating and groaning over the phone…#MostAwkwardSituationsWhen frisky couples invite us for threesomes ‘after work’…#MostAwkwardSituationsWhen customers get carried away and start stroking us during conversation…#MostAwkwardSituationsWhen a guy turns up with a half-eaten sandwich, hoping for a quickie during his lunch hour…

MostAwkwardSituationsWhen granny and young grand daughter pop in, thinking we’re a sweet shop…#MostAwkwardSituationsWhen asking the HR Department if there’s a law against spanking staff during work hours…Those are some of our MostAwkwardSituations, and we’ll no doubt tweet more as they happen!

Weddings and wedding anniversaries are steeped in tradition but in the modern age it can be difficult to maintain a sense of traditionalism when it comes to gift-giving. Paper, lace and leather might not seem like the most inspired choices, but the traditional wedding anniversary gifts have vast potential for creative thinking and fun gift-giving.Celebrating your wedding anniversary as a couple is about celebrating your union as a loving, inseparable partnership and choosing something that better represents your love for one another shows forethought, consideration and also sends the message that you&rsquo;re still deeply attracted to your husband or wife.

To make your wedding anniversary traditional, romantic and sexy, check out these suggestions for alternative sexy gifts to celebrate your marriage and rekindle some of that wedding night passion..box .blocklink 1st Wedding Anniversary Cotton - Bondage Boutique Cotton RopeBed linen is commonly given for the first wedding anniversary, but a length of soft cotton bondage rope like the Bondage Boutique Cotton Rope (8.99)is much better poised to make your anniversary a memorable one.

Maybe the in-laws can buy the new bedding instead.2nd Wedding Anniversary Paper - Fifty Shades of Grey by E L JamesLeave gifts of money for the family and turn your attention to writing your partner a sexy love note slipped inside an erotic book like Fifty Shades of Grey (5.00). The letter adds a personal touch to an intensely titillating read.3rd Wedding Anniversary Leather - Bondage Boutique Leather Gift SetShoes, handbags, belts? There's much more fun to be had with leather on your wedding anniversary. The Bondage Boutique Leather Gift Set (24.99)will add a kinky twist and with so many bondage accessories out there you'll find something to tickle (or spank) your fancy.4th Wedding Anniversary Flowers - Icicles Rose Glass DildoWhether it's your fourth wedding anniversary or not, there had better be flowers on the cards.

You can make your floral offering more exciting with a sex toy in a botanical or fruity shape like a butt plug shaped like a raspberry or this Icicles Rose Glass Dildo (34.99).5th Wedding Anniversary Wood - Wooden Spanking PaddleGiving your partner wood or receiving wood is a wonderfully rewarding experience, but giving it in the right way makes all the difference. Put down that wooden statue of a cat sleeping and pick up the Fetish Fantasy Wooden Spanking Paddle (9.99) to outdo the leather one from two years ago.6th Wedding Anniversary Sugar - Lust Dust Edible Body PowderAvoid the temptation to wrap a 1kg bag of sugar, your partner probably won't find it funny. Instead make sugar.

nervous.?If you need a little pep talk, remind yourself that vibrators are common  roughly half the women in the U.S. own one, and vibrators?have been around longer than airplanes. If asked about your toy, stay calm and give a straightforward answer; thats my dildo is perfect. Dont lie about what the toy is.There is one ominous category of items that is acceptable only for checked luggage, but not carry-on luggage: billy clubs.

black jacks, brass knuckles, nunchakus and martial arts weapons. This category includes anatomically correct cylinders of roughly a foot or s.waterbased, so body friendly and safe to use with silicone toys.  Its also very smooth, and doesnt go sticky.  We recommend it for its glycerin-free and neutral formulation   and we love the pump action bottle top for easy one-handed application!  These two are clearly extra popular this weekend, so why not try one out?  In fact, they complement each other well too, so you could even try out both at once!  Enjoy, ladiez.

Spanking is a practice that teeters on the edge of vanilla and BDSM. You don&rsquo;t have to be into the bells and whistles of fetish fun in order to enjoy the odd slap on the behind during sex, and there&rsquo;s a lot of fun to be had with the bare palm/buttock combo in the boudoir.If you do enjoy the odd botty spank then you might consider trying a spanking paddle. These simple bat-like toys offer a much needed extension to the hand when it comes to face-to-face positions, allowing you to try spanking in new ways.If you&rsquo;re a little sheepish a.

Ear trade secrets on peeling garments elegantly with in the construct of a tease.  Bob Fosse meets Dita Von Teese in a sultry class that is sure to give your libido a work out!While nudity is not required, sexy costuming is! Short skirts? Yes! Lace panties? Yes! Garters? Stockings? Gloves? Yes! Yes! Yes! Please bring a sexy outfit of your choice from home including heels, panties and a bra. The sky is the limit so let your female spirit run wild!  Do keep in mind that we are learning the art of the tease, layers are best as we will be going down to bras and panties in the routine. Not s.

Med Garden.  Delightfully illustrated and full of useful tips and insights, these books aer the perfect wayto expand your sexual horizonsSex And The RecessionA humorous, tongue-in-cheek look at sex during a downturn  complete with details of how to economise and still have lots of fun!  An Erotic Print Society book by Copstick and Maclean, this is a great book to cheer you up in moments of economic gloom!Share|.</p>

In this week's Toy with me Tuesday, we used the Kama Sutra Playing Cards to give a whole new spin on strip.

As jealousy, resentment, time management, miscommunication, and New Relationship Energy (NRE), and will offer tips on dating/meeting new people, navigating different relationship structures and hierarchies, and coming out poly.In this interactive workshop.

AJ will guide participants through exercises that help them negotiate agreements/boundaries, design their own ideal open relationships, and practice nonviolent communication for deeper, more fulfilling connections. There will also be the option to hear about real-life triumphs and tribulations of other non-mono people in addition to learning how to .Extra surprising thrill3.  LooksThe White Rabbit vibrator is very cute!  Added to the friendly bunny design, its elegant and pretty, with cute diamante decorations studding incorporated into the handle to make it the perfect sexy accessory.  The White Rabbit arrives in store on Friday, and is available from our online shop from today.  We reckon its a great vibe to keep you company this summer!  Share|.</p>

Christmas is synonymous with pleasure. It could be the crisp smell of snow in the air, the snuggly nights in front of roaring fires or a general excess of eggnog and mistletoe at the office party; but whatever does it for you, Christmas is certainly the season to be sex.

Not only is Christmas full of endless glitter, flashing lights and too much mulled wine, research shows tha.</p><p>ere, and the industry cannot be pinned down easily.

At She Bop were discerning with our?porn selection?for this very reason.In a similar vein, I found a post by Dr. Marty Klein (sex therapist and author) about his experience at a porn shoot. The post ?Deep in the Valley: Going to a Porn Shoot  makes a very poignant point about watching porn.Sooner or later, watching the same people having sex is repetitive and boring  unless, of course, you’re adding to it via fantasy, imagination, arousal, and voyeurism.

I didnt do much of that, because I was there working (yeah, I know  nice gig). So yes, watching the shoot did reduce the sex (along with the filming itself) to a technical craft. She used her left hand when the camera needed it, even though she’s right-handed. He stopped right in the middle of licking her when some sweat dripped into a bowl of fruit.Some people condemn how watchi.

To make sharing that bit easier!  Weve also seen lots of Flexible Double Dildos selling  a gorgeous dildo which can be bent into any shape you like, and stays that way, due to a flexible spine within the dildo. Theyve both been very popular this weekendSo, those are a couple of todays favourites  enjoy!Share|.

Very little beats mind-blowing sex but when you&rsquo;ve been with your partner for a few years the thrill factor starts to wane, even if you still enjoy a healthy sex life.Keeping sex fresh, exciting and spontaneous is quite a task - even for the most adventurous couples .

You can even click the tiny arrow at the upper left of the description box to get more formatting options, such as bold, italic, and linking. Then click Save.You will now be sent to your wish list page. From here, you can click Edit in the upper right hand corner to change any of the stuff you just specified. Well get to the Invitees area in just a second  but first, you need to add some toys to your list!Navigate to the product page of the item youd like to add, then click the add to wish list link right under the ADD TO CART button.A dropdown box will appear; choose your newly-created list from there, as well as your size and color options, if applicable. Then click Add.

Now you can add more things to your wish list, or even create multiple wish lists if youd like. To access your lists, click on MY ACCOUNT at the top of the any page, where youll find a link to your wish list. It will ln sex, the sex industry, dating and relationships. 

She has written for various publications, including The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Independent, Psychologies magazine and The Erotic Review.Please email us to book tickets.  G

It has started. Christmas trees are popping up everywhere and a certain TV advert for a famous fizzy drinks company has aired (the definitive festive-season starter for some). I can practically.

Lea so you can avoid overheating during sex or masturbation. Lay a towel on the bed, point a fan at yourself, and spritz yourself with water from a spray bottle whenever you get too hot.Ice cubes can be your savior! Use them to trace along nipples and other ergonenous zones. Incorporate them into partner play by holding them in your mouth during oral sex.?If you want to go wild with ice cubes or water without worrying about the drip, consider buying a super absorbent blanket like the?Throe?or Courtesy Pad.

Use a stimulating gel such as Sliquid Stimulating O Gel or ON Clitoral Arousal Balm. The sensation will vary from person to person, but these can provide a tingly, chilly feeling. Heighten the stimulation by having a partner blow on the area where the gel was applied.A favorite desperate measure during heat waves has always been to go somewhere thats air-conditioned, but with a remote-controlled vibe like the.

LELO Lylaocustomers, but today its been very much in demand.Add that its compatible with all our gorgeous Sh! strap on dildos, as well as the ingenious Dual Dildo Strap-On Accessory, and that its available in a range of cute colours, and you have a surefire best-ever strap on harness!Share|.</p>