A curious spike in the sales of sex swings left staff here at my blog HQ scratching their heads. What could possibly be the cause of a run on sex swings? Are they kinky Valentine's gifts? Or a novel way to keep warm in the cold snap that's got the country all-of-a shiver?After a little research, our answer came in the shape of Channel 4's Desperate Hou.

rotic landscape. Come with an open mind to learn how to bring more erotic pleasure into your life.Amy Cooper, PhD, is the author of ‘The Everything Orgasm Book:? The All-You-Need Guide To The Most Satisfying Sex You’ll Ever Have.’? Dr. Cooper earned her doctorate in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Ad.

d description of how to do each position  and a handy hint!  we like these cards because they give lots of positions which are fun for ladiez, unlike many positon books weve seen, which seem to be asking us to knot our legs behind our heads!  They also have lots of possibilities  you can pick a card at random, or shuffle through them as a couple, or each pick your favourite and have a hot conversation about why you like it!.  Wed also like to point out that, while its designed with heterosexual couples in mind, two ladiez with a strap-on dildo, harness and a sense of adventure can also have a lot of fun with these cards!  Thats all for tonight ladiez, but watch this space for more new and snazzy products coming soon!

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