Perhaps youve seen these category labels in online sex shops before: gay sex toys, lesbian sex toys, sex toys for women, sex toys for men. Some retailers take this approach because they assume it makes it easier for the consumer to find a toy that suits them.At She Bop we disagree, which is why we were impressed by this lovely article by?

Cory Silverberg, Identity Based Sex Toy Shopping. This article deftly explains why categorizing sex toys based on gender identity or sexual orientation is problematic. These categories are centered around assumptions and stereotypes. They are limiting at best  and offensive at worst.Categories such as gay sex toys and lesbian sex toys are not only useless  theyre insulting. Often these categories exist to set queer people apart from other shoppers, implying that only a handful of toys are available to them, whereas the entire catalog is open to straight/non-queer shoppers.

And, as Silverberg puts it,Knowing someone is gay tells you something about who they may be having sex with (if they are even having partnered sex at the time), but it tells you not.neity and perfection at the same time, but it all has to be set up for what you really expect: the unexpected.”The Sh! Girlz love the frank, vivid style of Alexandras work, which presents the beauty and threat of strong, self-determined and sexually liberated women.“Showing .

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