Hi, m delighted to have been invited over here by the Sh Girlz for Filthy Friday and I thought  d post something good and spicy to heat up your lunch hour!? This is an excerpt from the first in a new set of stories  ve started working on, the Your Desire series. Number one is Your Desire: The Submissive, and this is the start of the story.njoy!Tamsin Flowers?

Your Desire: The SubmissiveI am waiting for you in our room.Our playroom, not your bedroom.I am on my knees;underneath them the floor is warm.I press the palms of my hands against it.Under-floor heating keeps this room warm enough for what we do here.I would love to stretch out on the hot floor and give myself up to you like that.But you would t want anything so simple, so straightforward.You bring me to this room for other reasons.his room is always heated because I am not allowed to wear clothes in here.I have left them outside, folded neatly on the shelf as I was instructed to do the first time I came.I wear no jewellery when I come to you, nothing.It is one of the rules.My blonde hair is tied back with a black ribbon and there is no makeup on my face.

You have called me here and now I am waiting in the prescribed position, ready for when you want to take your pleasure.he door opens but I do t look up.I know i s you;there is no one else who comes into this room.You do t speak immediately.I hear you close the door behind you and walk over to your chair.You sit down and I know yo re looking at me, checking  m compliant with all that is required of me.You look beautiful today, Ella,” you say m not allowed to answer so I acknowledge your words with a slight dip of my head.This afternoon will be a test for you, Ella.I think you are ready for it and if you pass it, your training period will be complete. I will have a gift for you.The prospect of a test scares me.What if I fail?

I do t want to let you down, I want to be the best I can be for you.It will be hard to pass.I know there is a very real possibility I will fail.You wo t give me an easy ride or let me pass if I do t come up to scratch.You will make it as hard as you can because you have high expectations of me.Expectations I am not sure I can live up to.The pleasurable sense of anticipation I had while I waited for you evaporates and, looking down at my hands, I can see a slight tremor.I pray you do t notice it. hear you get up from the chair and you come across the room to stand in front of me.Now I can see your bare feet in front of my knees.I long to stretch out and touch them, to bend forwards and kiss them but I remain utterly still.Now yo re near, my heart has started pounding. m nervous and excited.I want the test to begin and I want to show you  m worthy of the trust you put in me.Stand up, Ella.I stand up in front of you.I am a little unsteady on my feet after kneeling for so long and I hold my breath for a few seconds through a flurry of pins and needles.I know yo re watching me closely, even though my own eyes remain focused on the floor.I try to control any outward sign of the turmoil inside me.Look at me, Ella.Now at last I am allowed to look up at you and our eyes meet.

This is the moment I love, when I can see the feelings you have for me written in your blue eyes.Of course, you show your feelings for me in a hundred other ways;but this short moment of intimacy we share, before you tell me wha s in store for me, is my favourite.Today you smile at me and, placing a hand at the back of my neck, you pull me to you and kiss me.Your mouth is gentle on mine, a soft hello kiss as we have not seen each other for nine days.You ration our time together carefully because you know the rarer it is the more I will value it. kiss you back and you taste sweet to me.But I must leave my hands by my side as you have not yet given me permission to touch you.In my mind, I let my hands run all over your body, imagining the heat of your skin.Perhaps you will let me do that later, when the test is over.

If I passYou tug on the ribbon in my hair and, as you pull it away, the weight of my hair falls across my shoulders. You sink your hands into it, running them through its length, and then you twist a hank of it in your wrist so you can hold me firmly.You draw me closer still, so my nipples brush against your naked chest.This sudden touch runs through me like a jolt of electricity, making me catch my breath.The hand you have in my hair pulls my head back and suddenly your kiss turns savage.You plunder my mouth with yours, biting hard on my bottom lip, plunging your tongue as far b.</p><p>quo; doing it wrong &ndash;instead show him how to get it right.Next time you get into some foreplay (and make sure you do, by the way) take his hand and guide him to stimulate your sweet spot.Illustrate the pressure you like on your clitoris, the speed you like, what other areas of your vagina you like to be touched&hellip;and then gradually ease your hand away.When he gets it right, tell him what an amazing lover he is. different and slightly more obvious approach is to let him watch you bring yourself to orgasm, so he can see for himself exactly what technique you use.

This also works in reverse, if you like an added insight into how he operates by himself.f this doesn&rsquo; work, sit him down and have a go two of you sitting down and making actual lists of your secret fantasies on long pieces of paper, then taking it in turns to reveal them, one by one.t can be quite a surprise - on both sides&hellip;Depending on how elaborate they are, you can make plans to fulfill one of hers, then she can do one of yours, and so on.You&rsquo;e only been together a couple of months, so give it a chance, and don&rsquo; go over the top on the fantasies straight away - unless she surprises you and starts suggesting some really wild ones of her own!Refreshingly frank and funny, actress and presenter Julie Peasgood delivers practical information to transform your sex life.The Greatest Sex Tips in the World explores the world of eroticism, revealing secrets and techniques that will energise and enhance your enjoyment.

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