February 14th can feel a little exclusionary if you’re not paired off, even for the most adept pick up artists and players. Tracey Cox, sex and relationships expert, has even gone so far as rebranding Valentine's Day as "National Singles Awareness Day" to help redress the balance.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just irritating for singles, it also has the power to dredge up memories of the times you celebrated with an ex love and those happy times you shared. You can avoid crying over that t-shirt he left behind or hugging that teddy bear she bought you, even though you think its possibly the tackiest thing you ever laid eyes on. You can navigate through the neurotic mess that Val Day may create if you follow these quick and easy steps:1. Use your memories for good instead of evil. Instead of missing the times you shared with an ex, think about what you want fr.

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inative work  just goes to show what a fresh eye can bring to an old medium. Rosetta may draw inspiration from the past but she is very much a woman of her own time, creating images that are both contemporary yet timeless, erotic yet innocent, manipulating light in celebration of the female form.” Jonathan Ross, hologram archivist, and owner of ‘Gallery 286’.The Sh! Girlz are really excited about hosting Rosetta Whiteheads work.  Were holding the launch on the first of June, but we get to hang on to the pics for a month, so you can pop in any time in June to see them!  Gents, please bring a lady-friend along when you visit.  Were open 12 noon til 8pm seven days a week  were looking forward to seeing you!  Share|.

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