Every week we gather the best advice from the top sexperts right here. This week, the world's sexperts seem to have been reporting on how to spice up your love life! Must be something in the water...Dr Catherine Hood of the Sunday Mirror offers a little advice on the issue of the week: How you can be a sexy minx again! When your life consists of cooking, cleaning, working and looking after the kids it's easy to lose touch with the online sex toys minx who first dated your husband.

But you can find that goddess within you and here are some tips to get you started.Become skilled in a particular sexual move, whether it's simple and honest or daring and exciting. But be sure it is something you feel confident in being able to carry off.Don't let your sex life get stale. When going to bed becomes sex-by-numbers then it's time to introduce a new angle. Use erotic literature, films or sex toys to shake up an old routine."The new angle that she's talking about could even include one of my blog's very own adult DVDs!A highly rated film is the fantastic Suicide Girls: The First Tour DVD. This fantastic disc follows 10 sex bondage  gorgeous Suicide Girls around America as they perform their incredible burlesque show sin over 45 cities! You get to see these live performances, behind the scenes footage and find out what it means to be a Suicide Girl!

A brilliant addition to your DVD collection - it will leave you both hot under the collar, without the off-putting, graph.Could feel once a prospective employer does a background check and finds that in your personal history. Youll never live it down.

If you absolutely must head in that direction, its best to say below radar and be safe. That means buying sex dolls and blow up dolls. Whilst most sex dolls are of the human variety, a man with your special interests would benefit from the love ewe inflatable sheep doll. This plasti.

Feel your urgency to come up for air. The biggest killer of pleasure.Dont Stop!If you can feel her orgasm building, keep going.Energetic flicking:Use this sparingly as a stiff tongue may be too hard on the sensitive clit.Long prolonged strokes:From above her clit, down to her perineum.

Sucking:Try varying pressure and start lightly.Circle the Clitoris:Lick underneath, on the shaft, around the hood.Get a Rhythm:You wont need to go faster and faster sex toys for women. And dont change position when its working! Rhythm is important.  Try em all and see what she responds to Firm dispersed pressure  In any direction on and around the clit.

Soft sloppy strokes:Side to side with lots of saliva.Tongue Fucking:Make your way away from the clit to the vagina.Humming:Send subtle vibrations through the whole area.Add a Vibrator:While licking your lover insert a vibrator or dildo into her vagina.

Try a finger vibrator.Breath Mints/Cough Drops:Have a mint or menthol drop in your mouth to give both her and you a refreshing tingle during oral sex.G-Spot:Get a specially designed vibrator to work on not only giving her a clitoral orgasm but a G-Spot one too. You can also use one or two fingers inserted about two inches into the vagina to rub the top wall.Ass Play:Use your saliva as lubricant to rub and insert your fingers or butt toy into her anus.Dental Dams:These are small latex sheets placed over the vulva to create a barrier to body fluids while performing oral sex.

However, oral sex is considered to be a lower risk activity when it comes to HIV transmission.Dessert Anyone?Eating sexy foods off of and out of her can really mix it up.Mons Massage:The mons is the mound of skin which is found on top the pubic bone above the vaginal opening. Take one or both of your hands and carefully touch the mons and surrounding area much the same way you would massage someones shoulders. Be careful with the amount of pressure and the broadness of your movements.Ultimately, give yourself permission to learn the ins and outs of female oral sex over several sessions. You’ll learn the nuances of each of your lover’s bodies if you just stay present and open to the possibilities.

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