As part of National Masturbation Month, the STB! Girlz are continuing to look at sex toys and their history this time through the 20th century and into the 21st!We left the nineteenth century with the mains-powered vibrator going on the market, (some years before the mains-powered iron) and ladiez being able to access brutal dildos and vibrators themselves for the first time, even if all vibrators were sold as massagers at this point.

During the 20s and 30s they vanished from the catalogues, as their inclusion in some of the early erotic films had made people realise that these vibes and adult sex toys werent just to sooth aching backs! Classic VibratorWhen vibrators hit the shelves of sex shops back in the swinging sixties, they were recognisably similar to the toys we know and love today.

Mostly Classic vibrators, and largely designed by men to look as large and phallic as possible, they were the first battery-powered vibes and, for the first tve a gift that will be loved long into the new year and will continue to spread joy beyond the festive season then a sex toy might be just the ticket.his week's Festive Sex Toy is all about making him feel fantastic and is perfect for gifting a sex toy virgin as well as an afficianado.

Japanese sex toy gurus TENGA have already revolutionised the sex lives of many men with their innovative range of male masturbators and their latest offerings reinterpret the amazing 3D TENGA experience in a simple stroker sleeve.

He TENGA 3D ran.Kets to our sex toy class and a goodie bag to the raffle, so thats even more incentive!Ground Kontrol is located at 511 NW Couch St.Admission is $3 for ladies, $8 for gents.</p>

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