Long ago to do a survey of adult products, we summed up the the following adult products survey data, so that everyone can clearly understand the views and understanding of today's society a thing of the adult products.
The NetEase adult products survey: Jiucheng five feelings of ill adult products

NetEase well-being of the survey show that the generally tolerant attitude of adult products, purchase volunteering also higher, but consumer behavior is not synchronized to keep. Adult products market is about to market development effort.

NetEase the Ankang launched investigation about the use of adult products condition as of the evening of November 7, a total of more than 9,000 users participated in the vote. Investigating the consequences of adult products generally tolerant attitude, but not synchronized to keep up with consumer behavior.
It is widely exposed to adult products
The asexual partner's reply: 79% able to withstand!
Reply of sexual partners: 83% able to withstand!
There are 10% of the candidates does not matter. "
You people see how the use of adult products?
The asexual partner's reply: 43% thought very good, very stylish, open! 55% thought it was my privacy!
Sexual partner's reply: 38% thought that a very good, very stylish, open! 51% thought it was my privacy!
2% of the contempt with adult products!
So far, how much money you put in adult products?
The asexual partner's reply: 79% spend less than 500! 29% spend more than $ 2000!
Reply of sexual partners: 73% spend less than 500! 19% spend more than $ 2000!

Groups purchase to a larger proportion of the more costly the proportion is not high, which explains the level of market development of adult products in China is still in the low-level.

Adult products use how much time?
64% in one year, only 12% of the more than five years, it is worth noting that the proportion of the beginning of the use of time in the three months up to 41%, showing that the the adult goods market in China has just ushered in its spring.
You can withstand the adult products unit price is how much?
Sexual partners populations can withstand unit price the 101-1000 yuan adult supplies proportion of up to 37%, a very substantial potential market. Can withstand priced at 5,000 yuan more than the proportion of 2%, even with a small proportion, but the market is not small.
* Is the first to propose the use of adult products?
77% for men!
Adult from where to get supplies?
70% of the purchase from the Internet!
You use the important types of adult products?
        To enhance sexual experience the thrill of comfort category accounted for 23%, showing that people are increasingly concerned about the sex life of pleasure experience. Some narcotic class 7%, 5% plus subsidies on * class, have accounted for a certain percentage of visible very concerned about the length of the male sex moments. If pressure is growing adult products to confidence will gradually soaring.

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