The fantastic TV show Generation Sex, which airs in October on Channel 5, recently came to my blog HQ to talk to the team about all things eco-sex!From our Rabbit Amnesty Scheme to vegan-friendly sex toys, The Prof and Bonny gave some wonderful, in-depth information on exactly what you can do to help save the environment through having sex!

The Generation Sex team got a tour of the warehouse, introduced to our vd to something less offensive because the letter from the company is so snarky its hard to tell if anything will be done. Ive seen some questionable beer labels before but nothing as bad as these labels.

Maybe Clown Shoes could take some pointers from Fleshlight. Fleshlight Sex In A Can  Beers isnt the least bit offensive, and those sex toys are Fleshlight and masturbators. These male sex toys come in three connection translates easily into the bedroom.

Instructions Lie on the floor. Bring the soles of your feet together as close to your buttocks as possible. Place your right hand on your belly and your left hand over your heart. Close your eyes and inhale deeply, blowing your belly up like a balloon. Exhale and squeeze the breath out through your mouth, contracting your abs at the end. Repeat several times. Still breathing through your mouth, move the breath to your chest heart center. Feel the hand on your chest lift and fall with each inhale and exhale.

On each inhale imagining a bright green light in your chest glowing brighter. Then move to your root/sex chakra (in your pelvis) and with each inhale imagine a bright red light becoming stronger. You can choose this time to manifest a sensual evening with a lover or simply enjoy the pleasure for yourself. Benefits This version of Pranayama is normally done at the end of a yoga session in order to polarize the energy in the body, but it can be done any time you would like to get in touch your energy and chakra centers. Note that the form of the body is in the form of a figure eight, with no beginning or end.

This posture is conducive to visualization because it is slightly less physically active. It allows for focus on the heart chakra – which creates more love, peace and bonding to others – as well as the root chakra. The hips are open, releasing pelvic tension and energy. You can also focus on contracting your pubococcygeous muscles (PC) to strengthen orgasms and increase arousal. Manifestation (the idea of focusing physical energy and thoughts on a specific desire) is commonly used throughout yoga by setting an intention for your practice. This can be especially powerful while moving breath through the body, visualizing the chakras and creating a mental image. I have known colleagues who are able to orgasm with this practice alone.

The practice of yoga helps align chakras in the body, creating mental clarity, emotional stability and physical comfort. The alignment of chakras can profoundly affect not only your sex life but also your overall health. You can develop a body consciousness while doing any yoga practice. Pay attention to how certain postures make you feel and learn to harness your sexual energy – you’ll never look at your yoga class the same way!
Every week we gather the best advice from the top sexperts right here. This week, the world's sexperts seem to have been reporting on how to spice up your love life! Must be something in the water...Dr Catherine Hood of the Sunday Mirror offers a little advice on the issue of the week: How you can be a sexy minx again! When your life consists of cooking, cleaning, working and looking after the kids it's easy to lose touch with the online sex toys minx who first dated your husband.

But you can find that goddess within you and here are some tips to get you started.Become skilled in a particular sexual move, whether it's simple and honest or daring and exciting. But be sure it is something you feel confident in being able to carry off.Don't let your sex life get stale. When going to bed becomes sex-by-numbers then it's time to introduce a new angle. Use erotic literature, films or sex toys to shake up an old routine."The new angle that she's talking about could even include one of my blog's very own adult DVDs!A highly rated film is the fantastic Suicide Girls: The First Tour DVD. This fantastic disc follows 10 sex bondage  gorgeous Suicide Girls around America as they perform their incredible burlesque show sin over 45 cities! You get to see these live performances, behind the scenes footage and find out what it means to be a Suicide Girl!

A brilliant addition to your DVD collection - it will leave you both hot under the collar, without the off-putting, graph.Could feel once a prospective employer does a background check and finds that in your personal history. Youll never live it down.

If you absolutely must head in that direction, its best to say below radar and be safe. That means buying sex dolls and blow up dolls. Whilst most sex dolls are of the human variety, a man with your special interests would benefit from the love ewe inflatable sheep doll. This plasti.

Feel your urgency to come up for air. The biggest killer of pleasure.Dont Stop!If you can feel her orgasm building, keep going.Energetic flicking:Use this sparingly as a stiff tongue may be too hard on the sensitive clit.Long prolonged strokes:From above her clit, down to her perineum.

Sucking:Try varying pressure and start lightly.Circle the Clitoris:Lick underneath, on the shaft, around the hood.Get a Rhythm:You wont need to go faster and faster sex toys for women. And dont change position when its working! Rhythm is important.  Try em all and see what she responds to Firm dispersed pressure  In any direction on and around the clit.

Soft sloppy strokes:Side to side with lots of saliva.Tongue Fucking:Make your way away from the clit to the vagina.Humming:Send subtle vibrations through the whole area.Add a Vibrator:While licking your lover insert a vibrator or dildo into her vagina.

Try a finger vibrator.Breath Mints/Cough Drops:Have a mint or menthol drop in your mouth to give both her and you a refreshing tingle during oral sex.G-Spot:Get a specially designed vibrator to work on not only giving her a clitoral orgasm but a G-Spot one too. You can also use one or two fingers inserted about two inches into the vagina to rub the top wall.Ass Play:Use your saliva as lubricant to rub and insert your fingers or butt toy into her anus.Dental Dams:These are small latex sheets placed over the vulva to create a barrier to body fluids while performing oral sex.

However, oral sex is considered to be a lower risk activity when it comes to HIV transmission.Dessert Anyone?Eating sexy foods off of and out of her can really mix it up.Mons Massage:The mons is the mound of skin which is found on top the pubic bone above the vaginal opening. Take one or both of your hands and carefully touch the mons and surrounding area much the same way you would massage someones shoulders. Be careful with the amount of pressure and the broadness of your movements.Ultimately, give yourself permission to learn the ins and outs of female oral sex over several sessions. You’ll learn the nuances of each of your lover’s bodies if you just stay present and open to the possibilities.

Ever feel peckish in the bedroom? A mini fridge within reach of the bed could lead to all sorts of messy excitement. my blog Community members share their . doggie-style or spread-eagle. These bed restraints open entirely new vistas of sex play up for you.

Theres something else bed restraints give you that you wouldnt have otherwise  an ability to let go and allow your partner to completely control the sex play. When youre tethered, youre at your partners mercy, cheap male masturbators although you direct the sex play with your safe word in your sub position. Theres something freeing about givin.

Either the silent killer or the respite from the storm. Sexually compatibility can run all over the map. Sex in long term relationships ebb and flow. What matters is how as a couple you value time to be sexual as well as?

what type of play and fantasy works for you both. Sex can definitely be used as a weapon but it can also be used as a sanctuary. A place to go that is comforting and healing. Nearly everyone at some point has an issue with their sex life, whether its how often/not or how it is being done. Some people will downplay the importance of sex in a relationship but that is often when I see couples who come into my sex toys online office because their partner does see it as a priority. Trust me if one of you thinks its an issue  it is, period.

Bear in mind, you and your partner do not have to be the same for each of the pie slices. Good god, if we were all carbon copies of one another nature 12 inch dildo we would just be plain bored. Sometimes complementary personalities work better than those that have a high level of interdependence. However, the whole opposites attracts thing may not be the best case scenario for others. It is all about balance in what we value and how we relate to one another.

Hi, m delighted to have been invited over here by the Sh Girlz for Filthy Friday and I thought  d post something good and spicy to heat up your lunch hour!? This is an excerpt from the first in a new set of stories  ve started working on, the Your Desire series. Number one is Your Desire: The Submissive, and this is the start of the story.njoy!Tamsin Flowers?

Your Desire: The SubmissiveI am waiting for you in our room.Our playroom, not your bedroom.I am on my knees;underneath them the floor is warm.I press the palms of my hands against it.Under-floor heating keeps this room warm enough for what we do here.I would love to stretch out on the hot floor and give myself up to you like that.But you would t want anything so simple, so straightforward.You bring me to this room for other reasons.his room is always heated because I am not allowed to wear clothes in here.I have left them outside, folded neatly on the shelf as I was instructed to do the first time I came.I wear no jewellery when I come to you, nothing.It is one of the rules.My blonde hair is tied back with a black ribbon and there is no makeup on my face.

You have called me here and now I am waiting in the prescribed position, ready for when you want to take your pleasure.he door opens but I do t look up.I know i s you;there is no one else who comes into this room.You do t speak immediately.I hear you close the door behind you and walk over to your chair.You sit down and I know yo re looking at me, checking  m compliant with all that is required of me.You look beautiful today, Ella,” you say m not allowed to answer so I acknowledge your words with a slight dip of my head.This afternoon will be a test for you, Ella.I think you are ready for it and if you pass it, your training period will be complete. I will have a gift for you.The prospect of a test scares me.What if I fail?

I do t want to let you down, I want to be the best I can be for you.It will be hard to pass.I know there is a very real possibility I will fail.You wo t give me an easy ride or let me pass if I do t come up to scratch.You will make it as hard as you can because you have high expectations of me.Expectations I am not sure I can live up to.The pleasurable sense of anticipation I had while I waited for you evaporates and, looking down at my hands, I can see a slight tremor.I pray you do t notice it. hear you get up from the chair and you come across the room to stand in front of me.Now I can see your bare feet in front of my knees.I long to stretch out and touch them, to bend forwards and kiss them but I remain utterly still.Now yo re near, my heart has started pounding. m nervous and excited.I want the test to begin and I want to show you  m worthy of the trust you put in me.Stand up, Ella.I stand up in front of you.I am a little unsteady on my feet after kneeling for so long and I hold my breath for a few seconds through a flurry of pins and needles.I know yo re watching me closely, even though my own eyes remain focused on the floor.I try to control any outward sign of the turmoil inside me.Look at me, Ella.Now at last I am allowed to look up at you and our eyes meet.

This is the moment I love, when I can see the feelings you have for me written in your blue eyes.Of course, you show your feelings for me in a hundred other ways;but this short moment of intimacy we share, before you tell me wha s in store for me, is my favourite.Today you smile at me and, placing a hand at the back of my neck, you pull me to you and kiss me.Your mouth is gentle on mine, a soft hello kiss as we have not seen each other for nine days.You ration our time together carefully because you know the rarer it is the more I will value it. kiss you back and you taste sweet to me.But I must leave my hands by my side as you have not yet given me permission to touch you.In my mind, I let my hands run all over your body, imagining the heat of your skin.Perhaps you will let me do that later, when the test is over.

If I passYou tug on the ribbon in my hair and, as you pull it away, the weight of my hair falls across my shoulders. You sink your hands into it, running them through its length, and then you twist a hank of it in your wrist so you can hold me firmly.You draw me closer still, so my nipples brush against your naked chest.This sudden touch runs through me like a jolt of electricity, making me catch my breath.The hand you have in my hair pulls my head back and suddenly your kiss turns savage.You plunder my mouth with yours, biting hard on my bottom lip, plunging your tongue as far b.</p><p>quo; doing it wrong &ndash;instead show him how to get it right.Next time you get into some foreplay (and make sure you do, by the way) take his hand and guide him to stimulate your sweet spot.Illustrate the pressure you like on your clitoris, the speed you like, what other areas of your vagina you like to be touched&hellip;and then gradually ease your hand away.When he gets it right, tell him what an amazing lover he is. different and slightly more obvious approach is to let him watch you bring yourself to orgasm, so he can see for himself exactly what technique you use.

This also works in reverse, if you like an added insight into how he operates by himself.f this doesn&rsquo; work, sit him down and have a go two of you sitting down and making actual lists of your secret fantasies on long pieces of paper, then taking it in turns to reveal them, one by one.t can be quite a surprise - on both sides&hellip;Depending on how elaborate they are, you can make plans to fulfill one of hers, then she can do one of yours, and so on.You&rsquo;e only been together a couple of months, so give it a chance, and don&rsquo; go over the top on the fantasies straight away - unless she surprises you and starts suggesting some really wild ones of her own!Refreshingly frank and funny, actress and presenter Julie Peasgood delivers practical information to transform your sex life.The Greatest Sex Tips in the World explores the world of eroticism, revealing secrets and techniques that will energise and enhance your enjoyment.

Hello and a fabulous Filthy Friday to you all!We hope youve had a Christmas of aplenty and decadence sexy girl, been spoilt rotten and shared good times with your loved ones The Sh! Girlz have enjoyed a short break and are raring to see what 2013 might have in store for us!This first Filthy Friday of the year is set aside for some down a  dirty time with Janine Ashbless;an authoress who loves to have her cake and eat it!

Happy New Year and Enjoy! ;Filthy Friday excerpt – Named and Shamed by Janine Ashbless Hi there  I want to give you an excerpt from my most filthy book this Friday!? Named and Shamed is an erotic novel set in a contemporary England where the fairies (and the trolls and the witches and all the bad stuff you remember from fairy tales) have Come Back in a big way, and as a result human society is falling apart lelo luna beads .y heroine Tansy has stopped off at a rural pub while searching for a talking fish (trust me on this one!).If she appears to be acting a little strangely, i s because sh s under a fairy curse…“Do you want to see the Bour Tree?

”I hesitated, running my tongue-tip across my lip.“Okay.But I thought elder trees were bad luck.“Not this un.Sh s a good un.Aaron led me out into the garden.This was where all the women were, I realised: watching indulgently as their kids ran riot.Aaron took me over to the bush, which had three big trunks and a host of lesser ones.Hanging from the twigs was a glittering array of kid  tat: plastic key-rings and fuzzy little animals, transforming robots, a toy aeroplane, a necklace made of sweets.See? bullet vibrators ” he said.“You make her a present and she gives you a wish.I could hear some of the kids chanting as they skipped rope on the grass nearby:Bour tree, bour tree: crooked wrongNever straight and never strongAlways bush and never treeSince the Christ was hanged on thee. Christian gloss on a much older warning, I thought. “Hmm,” I said, noncommittally.I did t want to offend the man.

Or the tree.Go on,” he said.A lock of my hair swung down across my face as he reached up without warning to my temple, pulled out the hairclip there and snapped it over a twig.My mouth fell open.aron grinned.“Make a wish.The hairclip was a cheap one with a white fabric flower on it.Even if it had been silk and diamonds, I was t sure it would have been wise to snatch it back.Gifts to the Fair Folk should never be rescinded.I made myself relax again.“I do t need to.Min s already come true,” I said, letting him know I could be just as cheeky and forward as he was.Ah,” he said, eyes narrowing.“Yo re a smart  sex toys for women un.I should take you to meet my gaffer.“Is he as cute as you?”Aaron drew himself up, laughing.“No on s as cute as me.

Do you play pool?”“Yeah.Sometimes.“Come on then. He walked me round to another door at the back of the inn, and as we crossed the grass he put his hand casually on the swell of my ass and kept it there.I did t object.Once inside the door, in the corridor within, he drew me up against him and kissed me.It was a slow, soft and deeply dirty kiss, his tongue teasing its way past my lips and one hand drifting to squeeze my left breast and tweak my nipple.I responded to that in a manner far from ladylike — pressing up against him with eager, breathy mews of pleasure and sucking his tongue deeper into my mouth.I wanted him to push me up against the wall and ram his cock into me, there and then.The knot of flesh in his trousers grew hard as I ground myself against it, and his other hand tightened on my ass even as his mouth deserted mine.Oh, yo re hot,” he growled under his breath.He rubbed my nipple between finger and thumb, pinching it until my knees nearly gave way.“I bet yo re a real goer.“You wo t know till you try,” I whispered, running the tip of my tongue over his lips.Hh. His eyes glittered with secretive speculation.“Be patient.Come on through ben wa balls .With one hand around my wrist he drew me through another door.The smell of beer and cigarettes rolled over me, a sweet pubby aroma I found very pleasant.This was another bar room.The space was dominated by .

need to be used with a sexual lubricant to allow the stroker to slide up and down the penis without uncomfortable friction.liquid Ride Dude Lube H2O Lubricant (9.9) is a water-based lube that can be used with all strokers.The lube should be applied to both the inside of the stroker and to your erection.Once you and your stroker are lubed, you can penetrate the entry.Start by working it around the head of your penis, enjoying the sensations of the entrance and ensuring everything is slick and lubey.Then, get ready to enter the stroker.t first, the entrance to the stroker might look like a tight fit, but the stroker will expand to take your girth.Hold the base of your penis and the stroker firmly and ease into the stroker.One you are inside, it's time to work out your favourite way to use it.tart by gripping the outside of the stroker and gently stroking it up and down your length.Be careful not to go to far back and forth to begin with, so you don't slide right out - as you get to grips with the stroker you can be more vigorous with your movements.Try twisting the stroker as you move it, massaging the head of the penis.The Tracey Cox Sensation Stroker (19.9) is particularly  sexy women good for this type of move, with its double-ended chamber.f your stroker has an opening at the other end (and most of them do) you can use your finger to partially or fully cover the hole to increase suction inside the stroker.It can take a few tries to successfully master the art of varying sucti.

Talk Sex With Sue Johanson show in Canada, the We-Vibe is now even better, boasting 9 vibrating speeds and functions.It's small, perfectly formed, deliciously powerful and just one of my blog's suggestions for making a real investment in a better sex life..Lelo Elise Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator - 79.9If you have an eye for elegant design and appreciate the better things in life, we might just have the sex toy for you.The Swedish design of this rechargeable luxury vibrator from Lelo is contoured and ergonomically sculpted to deliver toe-curling, eye-rolling sensations.With five intense pleasure modes and virtually silent vibrations, Elise provides the ultimate in clitoral and G-spot rapture - it's a sex toy supreme and yes you deserve it!Sculptural simplicity and tactile qualities are the defining elements of the Elise personality.Well in tune with the natural curves of the female body, the stem forms a soft arc for easy access to all those special places.Situated lengthwise are two vibrant pleasure points designated, solely or in harmony, to impart an array of clitoral, G-spot or full-body titillation.

A toy of true beauty and purely pleasurable intentions, this luxury vibe from Lelo would be the ultimate way to treat yourself this Valentine's Day and beyond for endless waves of pleasure.The Essentials9.Durex Play O Female Orgasm Gel 15ml - 14.9By now you should have a pretty good idea about which Sex Toy is for you this Valentine's Daywhich leads us onto the little Essentials that can make a big difference.Play O is the orgasm gel created by women, for women using a unique combination of ingredients designed to stimulate, increase desire and bring you the most intense orgasms you've lelo gigi ever it with your vibrator, finger ring or Sqweel for the ultimate solo pleasure in a bottle.One of the key ingredients, L'Arginine, is used in the formula to increase the blood flow to the genital area, making it ultra-sensitive and extra responsive to all stimulus! Just gently squeeze out a little Play O, apply to your intimate areas, then lie back and prepare for an experience you'll want to repeat again and again.0.Earthly Body Dare to be Bare Soothing Miracle Oil 30ml - 12.9You've got the Sex Toy, the Sexy Lingerie and orgasm boosting gel which means there is just one item left on your list to ensure a smooth and silky Valentine's Day.

Miracle Oil is the natural answer to shaving bumps and waxing irritation.Massage a little oil into the skin after waxing or shaving and the nourishing lotion will heal, soothe and prevent itching.The 30ml formula is perfect for taking anywhere and means you'll never be caught short with a shaving rash.upplied in a small glass bottle with pipette lid, this cute look packaging won't look out of place in any bathroom cabinet, make-up bag or travel case.The natural oil mixture can be quickly and easily dispensed on to the skin then rubbed in until absorbed.Antiseptic tea tree helps to heal the skin and prevent infection whilst moisturising Hemp Seed, Jojoba and Vitamin E help to moisturise and soothe.100% natural and vegan friendly, you'll soon see why this is called Miracle Oil!.

Today is International Wome s Day, and w re celebrating with a hot Filthy Friday treat from one of the sassiest women we know, Kay Jaybee! Kay is a regular reader here at Sh! and we always look forward to her visits (no surprise ~ last time one of her guests turned up with chocolate cake and  lelo tiani, and w re delighted to announce she will be here in person on Saturday 20th April along with KD Grace for a?fantastically?saucy DOUBLE BOOK LAUNCH!Frequently referred to as the ‘Queen of Kin  and the ‘Mistress of BDS  Kay is the author of the Fem Dom novels.

Making Him Wait and The Perfect Submissive, the threesome BDSM romance The Voyeur, and the erotic novella romances, A Sticky Situation and Digging Deep for the Xcite Secret Library.Kay has also written the erotic anthologies, Tied to the Kitchen Sink, Equipment, Yes M am, Quick Kink One, Quick Kink Two, and The Best of Kay Jaybee: The Best of Kay JaybeeFourteen of the very best erotic tales of dominance, submission, bondage, and romantic lust, are delivered with lashings of kink from the pen of Kay Jaybee male vibrators .From the sexual adventures recalled by a woman as she stares at her favourite shirt, to a deliciously dirty orgy on a bed of cardboard boxes, the after-hours education of a rookie soldier, and the bizarre obsession of an Egyptologist, each story shows why Kay Jaybee has been hailed as ‘a master of the craft of erotic  (Oysters and Chocolate).

As a girl writes messages of lust on the body of her best frien s lover, and a mistres s employment of ropes and chains on her slave co-insides with the application of emulsion, we discover just how Kay has earned her reputation for producing ‘super-heated kinky stories  (Kd Grace), which are ‘a sublime pleasure to rea  (Violet Blue). Her s one of those 14 stories for you! Enjoy! A Leading Conversation  ‘What would you do next  Fay s voice had lost the cool indifference sh d been determined to maintain.‘After yo d stripped me  ‘Well, obviously  d bend you over and spank you – hard. ‘Really?

What with  ‘My belt. ‘Your leather one? About an inch thick  Faye could picture it clearly;faded, worn and brown, with a twisted knot pattern inlaid through its length.She shivered at the mere thought of it.‘Tha s the one. ‘What am I bent over  Sean was silent for a while and Faye could faintly hear movement around him.It had t occurred to her that this call was being made in public.She broke through his concentration sex toys for men, her tone husky and urgent, ‘Where are you anyway  ‘ m in a deserted waiting room on Banbury Station – and you, for the purposes of a much deserved spanking, are bent over the foot of your bed.Plus,  ve just decided I will tie your wrists together in front of you. Despite the two mugs of coffee sh d recently downed, Fay s mouth felt dry.She could t believe how assertive Sean sounded, particularly as anyone could walk in on him at any moment.She was t even sure how this conversation had started.H d been in an odd mood h d said, sort of horny with nowhere to go and no one to shag, and for a reason Faye did t understand, she had asked him what h d like to do if he could.Sean had t even hesitated before blurting out that h d like to see her naked.From her oldest frien s rather startling confession only five minutes ago sex, the d somehow got to Faye being naked, semi-bound with her arse in the air, awaiting the first stroke of his belt.Her mind raced;was he just messing around? Would he end this with a laugh, and leave her feeling silly and privately humiliated for taking him literally? Or could he actually be serious, could he really want to do this to her?

‘Faye, are you still there  Sea s voice interrupted her violently flickering thoughts, simultaneously reassuring Faye that he was serious, yet making her wonder if he was regretting sharing his fantasy.‘ m here. She licked her lips, abandoning any lingering ideas about remaining aloof.‘What happens next  ‘I hit LELO INA 2 you.The leather makes a fanta.Serious satisfaction.resenter Annabelle explains the benefits of silicone lube in this my blog TV video.ilicone Lube ExplainedSilicone lube also makes an excellent massage lotion for when you want to try sensual exploration with your partner.This is great because, unlike oils, silicone lube is safe t.

Then stimulate and satisfy other saucier parts.quot;says Tracey.A very appealing thought which is why thisversatile Wonder Wand vibrator could be the answer for those of you looking to spoil and indulge your partner this Valentine's Day.erfect as an intimate and loving gift with the winning combination of being both soothing and satisfying, slow and gentle or powerful and intense - you'll be spoilt for choice with the range of delectable vibration combinations to stimulate you in all the right spots.The flexible head of this multispeed vibrator is ideal for intense clitoral stimulation - but it's also perfect to massage aching back muscles..Lover's Choice Romantic Essentials Kit - 11.9If a more traditional style of massage is favoured by you and your lover then this Essentials Kit contains everything you'll need for an intimate and sensual treat.Set the scene with the provided tealights and arouse your lover's senses with the sensual bubble bath and scented silk rose petals for an intimate and connecting experience.efer to the includedguide full of sexy tips and naughty ideas and combine with the chocolate warming massage oil for an evening of sexual exploration and sensory explosion.ensory Exploration7.

Lelo Boa Pleasure Ties - 49.9If you and your lover are fans of sensory exploration and like to keep it exciting in the bedroom, these Pleasure Ties from Lelo make a great addition to an evening of exploration and fun in the bedroom Amazon.With pouches of freshwater pearls at one end balancing stylish metal O rings at the other, these beautifully long silk restraints offer a new approach to sensual bondage.ooping the ties through the rings, you or your partner can be held by either ankles or wrists in the ways that excite them most, ensuring the most passionate of possibilities in bedroom play this Valentine's Day.. Bijoux Petits Bonbons Tickle Me Feather Tickler  - 8.9A tickle and stroke can invoke an overwhelming response which is why this stunning feather tickler from Bijoux's Petit Bonbon range makes a stylish and exciting Valentine's Day gift.Measuring 6 inches in length with a satin wrapped holder and beautiful bow detailing, this is the perfect accessory to a night with tickling and titillation on the agenda.lthough small in size, the soft marabou feathers can be used to stroke, dangle and tease the skin to heighten sensitivity and tempt further touch.A true treat for the senses andwith a touch of boutique style and elegance.

Perhaps youve seen these category labels in online sex shops before: gay sex toys, lesbian sex toys, sex toys for women, sex toys for men. Some retailers take this approach because they assume it makes it easier for the consumer to find a toy that suits them.At She Bop we disagree, which is why we were impressed by this lovely article by?

Cory Silverberg, Identity Based Sex Toy Shopping. This article deftly explains why categorizing sex toys based on gender identity or sexual orientation is problematic. These categories are centered around assumptions and stereotypes. They are limiting at best  and offensive at worst.Categories such as gay sex toys and lesbian sex toys are not only useless  theyre insulting. Often these categories exist to set queer people apart from other shoppers, implying that only a handful of toys are available to them, whereas the entire catalog is open to straight/non-queer shoppers.

And, as Silverberg puts it,Knowing someone is gay tells you something about who they may be having sex with (if they are even having partnered sex at the time), but it tells you not.neity and perfection at the same time, but it all has to be set up for what you really expect: the unexpected.”The Sh! Girlz love the frank, vivid style of Alexandras work, which presents the beauty and threat of strong, self-determined and sexually liberated women.“Showing .

Of the cold glass is something else. Although I certainly didn't find it easy to fit, once I had the feeling was total bliss. It wasn't long before I was well on my way to happy town.&quot;4. Hatchoooo's review of Oyster Max Remote Control Vibrator&quot;Whether you use the Oyster when you&rsquo;re out shopping for the day, at a restaurant, at Cheltenham racecourse, or perhaps throughout a very smart but dull drinks party (the last two are highly recommended) it does gradually drive you both wild.&quot;5.

All-nighter's review of Bondage Boutique Almosta 4Posta Under The Bed Restraint Gear&quot;All it needs is the Almosta 4Posta and trust in your partner and a world of exploration is yours! There are few things sexier than the sight and sound of your partner squirming, squealing and groaning with pleasure and delight!

When Jennifer Pritchett opened The Smitten Kitten, her goal was to run a sex-positive, feminist adult retail store. But that mission expanded when she discovered the issue of toxic sex toys.

She had never heard the word phthalates before, but three days before the stores grand opening in August of 2003, while opening a shipment of inventory, she saw the chemicals in action.You know those styrofoam packing peanuts? They were moist. And the moisture had oozed through the peanuts and into the cardboard box, so it looked like, you know when you put chocolate chip cookies on a grocery bag and they leave grease marks? Thats what the box looked like . . .

They were leaking, oozing, this . . . oily substance . . . And it reeked. It smelled so bad. Ive told people before, it smells like a headache.Not knowing what on earth was going on, Pritchett and her staff washed the toys and set them on towels. But it didnt help  more beads of sweat appeared on the toys. Pritchett called their distributor, who explained that it happens.

Vibe with buzzy rabbit ears, and a silicone shaft for G-spot pleasure.  Cute and curvy, the Bossy vibe is Ticklers new take on the classic rabbit vibrator design.Curvy Rocket TicklerA beautiful, beaded G-spot vibe with a curvy, broad body, ideal for ladiez who love G-spot playWith you and your partner to release inhibitions and enjoy the sensations you're giving each other. This wired blindfold can be adjusted to fit, creating a total blackout.&quot;Plenty of opportunities to tease and explore ... the person blindfolded has no idea what treats await them and the sense of anticipation is incredible!&quot;- stockportx, my blog customer.See more Blindfolds8.

My blog Booty Buddy Silicone Butt Plug9.99Ideal for both men and women, a butt plug can help you begin or continue your journey towards anal satisfaction. Wear out and about to warm up and enjoy sensations during lovemaking or oral sex as the gentle pressure intensifies your orgasms.&quot;Off he went to work. An hour later he rang saying he loved it. I think it&rsquo;s going to be his favourite butt plug.&quot;- linda2008, my blog customer.See more Beginners Anal Toys9. Monogamy: A Hot Affair Game24.99Filled with dares, treats and fantasies, playing board games with your lover is a naughty activity which seems so innocent! Grab yourselves a glass of wine, dim the lights and get ready to giggle, blush and tremble together.&quot;Each time we get to try new things and it's great to build up intimacy, as the games starts nice and slowly, building to more steamy challenges.

jonoer, my blog customer.See more Sexy Games10. Lelo Tor II Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring78.99If you&rsquo;re looking for a luxury love ring, this is the one. It&rsquo;s rechargeable, made from super soft silicone and has powerful speeds as well as patterns. Giving him a harder erection, this ring delivers vibrations to both partners for twice the fun.&quot;It also works wonders playing with it solo. Put it on the head of the penis for a hands free experience or use as a clitoral vibrator during foreplay.&quot;- Mr. M, my blog customer.See more Vibrating Cock RingsNeed more help?You can Contact Customer Care, who willbe able to help you find the perfect gift for you both to enjoy. You can send an email any time, and telephone or live chat to an experienced advisor from 8am-10pm Monday-Friday and 8am-4pm Saturday.The other great place to look for people's advice on toys for couples is on the my blog Forum, where our community is on hand 24/7 to give their opinions and tips.Contact my blog Customer Care | VisitThe my blog ForumYou may also like:Top 10 Gifts &amp; Games for Better ForeplayHow to Introduce Sex Toys to Your RelationshipTop 10 Sex Positions to Try at Christmas.

Weve been hit with a few scorching days here in PDX recently, which got us thinking about ways to beat the heat. Sometimes hot days can feel sex toys online unbearable and not at all conducive to sexy times. But with a little creativity, sex and masturbation dont have to be uncomfortable at all  in fact, they can be super fun.Here are some tips for making the best of a hot day!Do you own a glass or metal sex toy. These materials are perfect for hot weather! Prepare a bowl of cold water and let your toy soak in it for several minutes before use. Set the water bowl on your nightstand so you can give your toy some quick refresher dips amidst play. You can even refrigerate your toys, but always check the temperature of the toy on your arm before using it with lover.While youre in the kitchen, why not refrigerate your lube. This is a good solution if you want to use a toy that doesnt retain temperature as easily as glass or metal ones.Prep your play arm.

Adjustable D-rings so you can always get a perfect, comfortable fit.  With two leather leg straps, rather than a pantie style design, the Double Strap Harness allows access to the wearers sexy bits, which is always a plus!  The Double Strap Anal Toys has always been a popular choice for our the music is for.If you want to see more fun and creative pictures of sex toys, visit this week's Toy with me Tuesday round up onNess's blog.

Last fall, Girl Scouts of Colorado issued a statement formally accepting transgender youth into their troops. If a child identifies as a girl and the childs family presents her as a girl, the statement read, Girl Scouts of Colorado welcomes her as a Girl Scout.Now that Girl Scout cookie season is on the horizon, a 14-year-old former Girl Scout named Taylor has issued a response in the form of a transphobic call to boycott Girl Scout cookies. Her video, which went viral last week, consists of transphobic language that does not bear repeating. Taylors fundamental misunderstanding and misconstruing of trans issues has rightfully offended a great many people, including us.A national Girl Scouts spokeswoman responded to the controversy in an email to The Washington Post, writing that the organization prided itself on being an.

The All-In-One Jessica is one of the classic rabbit vibrators  with the famous bunny ears for focussed clit stimulation and pearls in the shaft for internal stimulation and buy sex toys online , the All-In-One Jessica has a little bit of everything!  The battery pack is incorporated at the base of the toy  hence the name  .

It's not the bumped, ribbed and ridged canal that Fleshlights tout, it's a very subtle texture that feels quite realistic.&quot;4. ladyspock's review of Beginners Basic Lady Lustfinger Vibrators,If you're like me and have been waiting to try a toy out for ages lelo gigi, I heartily recommend this one. It's a nice size and a great toy, and even if it turns out not to be what you're looking for, you've only lost 2.99. Go on; treat yourself.

longrun's review of Mio by Je Joue Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring&quot;The other side of the equation was to increase stimulation to my beloved, and this is where the Mio has been fantastic and now it has become possible to bring her to orgasm with a huge amount of control depending where I put pressure: more pelvic bone equals greater clit stimulation and her response is graphic.