Kay Jaybee EroticaBy Kay JaybeeFor the past 30+ years ve been me.Quite shy, very ordinary in my daily jeans and jumpers.Average height, average weight, average shoe size;average everything really.or the past 6 years ve also been Kay Jaybee.She talks way too much, has an imagination that would make the LELO ISLA staunchest voyeur blush , and wears short skirts, stockings, and knee high boots – although still of average height etc.

who am I really then I confess there are more and more days when the lines between the two ‘m are blurred. have good friends who have no idea that I write sex scenes all morning.To them m exactly the person they have always known- wife, mother, administrator, and fulltime coffee drinker.ay reading at STB! Womens Erotic bullet vibrator EmporiumVia trips to read my stories at the wonderful STB! Wome s stores, and through the miracle of email and Facebook, I have made some amazing friends within the world of erotica.These good folk only know me!

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