The STB! Girlz had the idea for this post this morning, when we read the instructions for a new G-spot Vibrator and found this classic:- Do not use product while asleepApart from thinking it was funny, we were kind of surprised wed never stock a vibrator so boring it sent you to sleep!

But it set us thinking about some of the classic instructions weve seen over the years, and the reasons for them.ot to be used while asleep.heres a logic behind not falling aseep with a vibe still switched on, because any toy might, if left running long enough, get quite hot. (Or run down your batteries and be really disappointing next time you switch it on!) Usually there is a good reason for the weirdest instructions for a sex toy.ne you may have seen is:- Do not use on unexplained calf pain.his seems like a strange use for a vibrator weve not encountered too many ladies with inexplicably painful calves who thought that using a Rabbit Vibe on them was going to help! The reason, apparently, is to avoid the .</p><p>n, try the Wand Vibrator Comfort Love Seat (59.9) - it's specificially designed to turn your wand into a ride-on sex machine!3.Build it upAlthough it's good to start slowly, don't be afraid to build things up.Once you're used to the slower settings, turn things up a notch and go for one of the medium settings.Work up gradually to find a speed that's right for you.It could be that a medium speed is enough to bring you to a satisfying climax, others might want to try something a little more intense.Be indirectYes, clitoral stimulation is good, but with a magic wand vibrator indirect pleasure is even better.If you want to bring yourself to a sensational climax more gradually, use the head of your wand around your most intimate areas rather than directly on them.The powerful vibrations of your wand will transmit throughout the entire area, giving you a slower building, more intense orgasm at the end of it.Lube things upAs with all sex toys, using some extra lube or an orgasm booster like my blog Please Me Orgasm Gel (4.0) can be the difference between a good and an amazing time.he intense vibrations of the magic wands work amazingly with a few generous squirts of lubricant, don't be afraid to use it all over the head of the wand, and yourself too to increase sensation and help your orgasm along its way.Use.</p><p>sized realistic dildos and much more attractive with its Murano-esque colours and swirls.o.tentacle Tongue What do you reckon Featured in this blog post: Glass Dildos.</p>

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